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November 03, 2015

Hanshi Sonny Pillay


Sincere Greetings

Junagarth Road Primary School would like to place on record our sincere thanks and appreciation to your organization for hosting our learners at the Global Youth Focus in August. Our educators and learners were very impressed with the programme and the organization of the event. It has certainly enhanced the life skills development of our learners.

We look forward to participating in your programme in 2016.




A. Bhanprakash (Principal)
Junagarth Road Primary School


OSS Kyoshi

Thanks for the wonderful well organized championship THR INTERNATIONAL KANAZAWA CUP 2012 , good hospitality received, old and new friendship strengthens in the spirit of Karate-do.
We have enjoyed ourselves.


Humphrey Shihan KUYUKAI SA


Dear Kyoshi,

I believe this email will find you in a good health.

Congrats on a great GIFT OF THE GIVERS KANAZAWA CUP 2012

However I would like to extend my appreciation to you for a good care taking and values that you always giving me even in front of the high ranking SA govt officials .

 I have never receive any  from my own country, this really means a lot to me and I will always remember although I always talk less in your presence.

Stay well and be blessed.

Kind regards, Oss!!!

K. Phillip. Chikoko.
(SKIF Tanzania)   


Dear Kyoshi

Yet again, a fabulous function, and congratulations on a fantastic event,

The speeches by the invited guests were excellent, particularly HRH Prince Dlamini, the charismatic and philanthropic Dr Sooliman, but I was amazed and shocked to hear the "detail" from  the SASCOC Financial Director MrMubarak Mohamed presenting the entire situation and outcomes regarding KSA and its corrupt activities.

We were very pleased you took up the case on behalf of our girls, but absolute credit to you that you did this and have changed the future of KSA, for the better. It will be a very interesting and multifaceted Case Study for business students in future years, I am sure. You have achieved many important things in your life, however I feel this is possibly one of the most significant, and your tenaciousness to eradicate fraud and inequality, is to be admired greatly. Congratulation for this major achievement.

Best wishes as always

Jane and van der Merwe Family


Dear Kyoshi,

It was a pleasure taking part in the International Kanazawa Cup.

We enjoyed it very much.

I would like to take the opportunity on behalf of everyone from WSKF, to thank you and praise your team on a job well done!

Kind Regards to you and your family,
Mike Dukas Chief instructor WSKF Org


Dear Mr Pillay
Once again you have made us feel so much part of your family. Our heartfelt gratitude to you for having us as your guests last night. The function was indeed a great success. How wonderful to be a part of another Skisa function and to hear the wonderful words shared by Mr Murakami when he awarded Imtiaz with such a prestigious award. I am sure that everyone at the function would have wanted to know what Mr Murakami was saying especially since it was in Japanese. Well, when we arrived home in Pietermaritzburg last night, I sat for a bit and read the inscription on the award: "-Humanitarian Award- Presented to Dr Imtiaz Sooliman for outstanding services to humanity around the globe especially for the timeous relief proffered to victims of natural and human disasters by his Gift of the Givers foundation and for being an exemplary apostle of international peace and harmony -SKIF WORLD FEDERATION SALUTES YOU- 29-04-2012."
It is always so humbling for me when I sit in the audience and have the priviledge to hear such wonderful words being said about Imtiaz, a great humanitarian indeed. I smile as I sit back and think of the first time that I met you Mr Pillay and after I had left the graduation of my niece Diya, I recall going home and could not wait to tell Imtiaz about you and the wonderful work that you do for the community at large. I called him whilst driving home and told him all about our meeting. Thanks to little Diya, our relationship has grown into something that I am sure we all treasure.
Although we did not arrive on time to hear the prayer by Anita, we most definitely could feel the spiritual atmosphere last night in the room. It was indeed a blessed evening. Meeting our dear family and friends once again, whom we are fortunate to the share the the platform with, Mr Vivian Reddy; Mr Logie Naidoo; Prof Ndabadaba; Mrs Anita Pillay; Yourself Kyoshi and the Skisa family at large is indeed so wonderful, as both Imtiaz and myself very rarely get to share much time together due to the nature of his work. So it is moments like this that I personally treasure and all thanks to you Mr Pillay.
Congratulations once again to all the recipients of awards last night. It was a memorable evening.
May the Almighty continue to carry you, Mr pillay from strength to strength and may your organisation soar to greater heights. Continue in the wonderful work that you do.. serving the nation at large, unconditionally.
"Best among people are those who benefit mankind"
Best wishes and God speed till we meet again.
Warm regards
Gift of the Givers Foundation 


Dear Kyoshi and All SKISA MEMBERS

KuYu Kai Karate South Africa would like to thanks you & SKISA Members for well organized championship and good hospitality received.We are looking forward to work with SKISA in future.

Your in Karate-do

Shihan Humphrey Skosana
President/Chief Instructor


Ossu Kyoshi Sonny

I wish to congratulate you on another wonderful event you hosted this past weekend. My karateka were full of praise of the event. Once again well done. We again apologise for not being able to send a full team. 

We are already planning next years kanazawa cup 2013 event now to avoid what happened to us happening again.

I also wish to congratulate you once again on your teams achievements for winning the Kanazawa Cup for the 11th year in a row. A massive congratulations to the entire team and the great coach, Sensei Brando. 

SAFSK once again acknowledges the great work you are doing and we appreciate your spirit in South African karate. 


Kind regards,
Michael Pavel Kliment
1st Vice President - World United Karate Organization


Oss Kyoshi, 

Warriors Karate Dojo from Pilanesberg (North West) would like to thank you for the excellent Gift of the Givers  International Kanazawa Cup this past weekend. 

The quality of the karateka's, judges and officials was outstanding and a huge encouragement for our karateka's and parents. 

We were part of Sensei Jannie Degenaar's group and our dojo's 7 entries received 5 Gold and 4 Bronze medals. 

Thanx again for the wonderful experience to compete in the Kanazawa Cup.


Warriors Greetings



It has come to that time of the year when wonderful things have happened, to a whole host of people and thanks and appreciation has to be given to the deserving Kyoshi

The weekend that has passed me by, was a fantastic and memorable one. A weekend that will be filed away in the good memory file. Never to be forgotten and always to cherish

Thank you Kyoshi for your hard work and dedication, that you put in, not just for this past weekend, but for everyday that you achieve something.

Thanks to you, many a person will smile for a long time. Your hard work with SASCOC paid of in such a splendid way last night. Once again you have amazed us with such a glittering function. It was perfection from start to finish.

Roshni Naidoo (skisa official/parent)


Osu Kyoshi

Thank you for all the praise you have given me recently but quiet honestly all the praise has to be given to you!

You need to be commended for instilling such great values in me.It is because of your high standards and your expertise you have shared us that I am able to take on important tasks like Tournament Director and Team Manager of KZN with confidence.

All those values you have taught me through Karate-Do is being put into practice in all aspects of my life and it has to be mentioned that I am now one of the Elite Sales Executives in the Hyundai Automotive South Africa Group!

No words will ever express how grateful  I am to have you as my Teacher and Role Model.

Kyoshi, you can always hold your head up high because you not only produce the Top Karate-ka's in this Country but you also produce successful individuals in society!!

Thank You for all your support and most importantly Thank You for Giving me a Gift called Karate-Do!



Bradley Naidoo ( Chief Instructor Skisa Isipingo branch)



Ossu Kyoshi Sonny Pillay

Once again you have made a simple tournament into a magnificent international event. The organizing, refereeing and camaraderie amongst everyone was truly the correct spirit for karate. Something other organiztions can learn from.

Kyoshi, I wish to say thank you and well done on the staging of another magnificent Kanazawa Cup and I wish for you to please pass this on to all your lovely loyal helpers for a job well done.

To SKISA, congratulations on another victory and thank you to all for the fanatastic true karate spirit shown on the day and at the banquet.

Once again thank you and we look forward to next year.

Kind Regards,
Michael P Kliment (6th Dan)
Chief Instructor
South African Federation of Shotokan Karate



Oss Kyoshi,

Congratulations to you and your dynamic team on hosting a hugely successful Kanazawa Cup.  This international event was extremely well managed and meticulously organised.

Thank you for affording me the privilege of sponsoring the Floating Trophy for this prestigious event.  I am extremely proud to be associated with this event and more importantly with SKISA.

Well done to Team SKISA for once again lifting the GIFT OF THE GIVERS  KANAZAWA CUP TITLE trophy under the brilliant leadership of Sensei Brando despite the world class competion from DRC congo,botswana,SYRIA,greece,mozambique,kwf sa,other SA invitational invitational teams JUST TO NAME A FEW

I look forward to being associated with future events of SKISA.


Kasavan Naidoo



Osu Kyoshi Sonny,

Firstly, A heartfelt thank you for the wonderful weekend my wife and I experienced with you and your family and members of SKISA and  associates of your Organization. On a personal note I also take this opportunity to express my profound thanks for the Award that you honoured me with at your Banquet. Deeply  appreciated.

Your tournament was a roaring success as it always is and like yourself I to am very pleased with the results of the SKISA team. The hard work paid off but also showed the highest of standards I’ve ever seen.

I’m proud of your achievement as a brother Karate-ka and fellow South African.

It was a pleasure to see Murakami Shihan again. He is a true gentleman with a humble yet strong disposition- a Karate-ka with “wa”.  Please do convey my fondest regards to him when you next communicate with him. 

My best wishes to your wonderful wife and family


Hanshi S.Said


Hi Kyoshi,

What a weekend!

Sometimes I a parent in the SKISA org take things for granted, already knowing beforehand that Friday (SKISA AWARDS BANQUET)was going to be spectacular. It was late last night, when we had a few moments at home and re winded on the events, decor, food, ambience , company of amazing people. I personally, admire your attention to detail, and energy to give off, and therefore always appreciate your company, and have the utmost admiration for your organisational skills.

I know there are no other clubs(karate) out there that can host an event like Friday’s . Photo’s don’t do enough justice, one had to be there to appreciate how it all comes together as one amazing evening, that will remain with me forever.

Thank you for all the accolades that has been given to my daughter Priya, and without SKISA none of those achievements would have possible. Going to Morocco for the WKF world champs does not even compare to how special we all felt this weekend at the banquet and brown/black belt technical workshop held on sat/sun

Thank you Kyoshi.

Best Regards,



Good Day Kyoshi

I just wish to express my heartfelt thanks to you and your association for providing a wonderful service to the community. My son Owen Shaik has been with you association from the age of 5.

I attend all the training sessions, the tournaments and the awards days and have been most impressed by the time and effort you put into these functions to ensure that our children receive nothing but the best. This years function was excellent. My entire family was present and they all had compliments.

I was present at your parents meeting yesterday. I am not the outspoken type to voice my view publically, but would like to express my view in this e-mail.

You mentioned yesterday that most parents are unhappy with the finance aspect. I personally don’t agree with any of them. I think most parents fail to see that Karate is not just a sport, it assists our children with so much more than that.

I enrolled my son Owen in Karate because he was not a sociable child. He excelled in his school work, but was very reserved in class. Lets just say, ever since he has been in Karate, I can’t get him to stop talking. He now participates in international examinations, external Mathematics galas and public speeches and activities. He has received several awards for these.

He is not only fit, but he plays other sport in school and he excels in his school work. He even received an award for an 80% aggregate in school last Thursday.

Karate has improved his communication skills, it has made him more attentive and also assists with his concentration. He is a straight “A” student. He is so disciplined and respectful to everyone at home and school. He is a model student and child. I am so proud.

So yes, if this is what Karate does for my child, I personally believe that the money is no object.

So Well Done ! Keep up the excellent work.

Kind regards

Charlotte Pather

CCC Managerblake 1




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